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The Admiral PRO



The Admiral PRO Preorder

Presale quantities are strictly limited per Wave so that we do not promise masks we cannot deliver.

Preorders are limited to the blue Admiral PRO mask only. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL, find the size guide here.

Engineered with our exclusive military filtration technology, the N99 standard Admiral PRO filters 99.6% of viruses, 99.7% of bacteria, gas and particulate.


Due to unprecedented global demand we have now sold out most of our masks. Our factories are open and busily producing preorders. Please see the table below for essential preorder information.



Wave 1-11 Admiral PRO masks will be shipped without the usual metal tin and user manual to reduce shipping costs and times. Masks will arrive in a sealed pouch with a registered barcode. Download the user manual HERE for your reference.

Wave 12 and onward will receive Admiral PRO masks in our updated eco-friendly packaging complete with warranty card and user manual. Regular pricing of 24,95 GBP will resume. Shipping estimates may vary due to the weight and dimensions of product packaging.

Discount codes from our main site www.cambridgemask.com cannot be applied to preorder purchases.

Orders made on the preorder and main website cannot be merged.