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PREORDER WAVE 1: Masks will be mailed out to all Wave-1-Preorders w/c February, Monday 24th from the UK warehouse.

PREORDER WAVE 2: Masks will be mailed out to all Wave-2-Preorders w/c March, Monday 16th from the UK warehouse.

STORE NOTICE: In order to get this site up as soon as possible for you, we were only able to use a simple pre-order system. This system only allows one type of pattern per order.  You can order multiple different patterns, but no two the same in one order. If you would like to order multiples of the same pattern you will need to add extra orders. In the coming weeks we will be merging your orders to come in one delivery and refunding the difference in shipping. So, please make sure to use the same address.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be charged customs duties for your deliveries, this is outside of our control.